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I'm Emma and pictured with me is my wonderful husband Jarid, and two of our pets, Auggie and Sawyer. We live in a quaint farm house in Gray, Maine.

My entire life has developed around the exposure of dogs...Golden Retrievers in particular. Simply put, I love this breed. How could you not? They are beautiful with goofy, lovely personalities. Not to mention they can accompany almost any aspect of ones life. They are the soul's best friend. 

I am new to the competition and conformation world, and am really loving doing that with my dogs. Breeding with purpose and excellence is a priority to me. Providing wonderful homes for any dog in my possession is of upmost importance. I truly enjoy the entire process from pregnancy to whelping, to puppy raising and the best part...matching families with their new best friend. I know first hand how exciting and wonderful that experience is, and to be able to provide that to others fills my heart. 

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