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Monster's Inc.


Auggie & Sawyer welcomed four perfect puppies on 2/29/2020...Leap Year puppies!  


Auggie had a quick and easy birth! The puppies arrived in order of pictures above. Puppy number 3 (George Sanderson) arrived at 2319, which gave the litter it's "Monster's Inc." name. There are 3 males and one female. 


Early Neurological Stimulation was started on day 3 of the puppies life and continued for 2 weeks. During this time, the puppies remained in the whelping box with mom's constant care. 


Once puppies turn Three Weeks Old, the fun really starts! They upgrade from the box, to a pen, where there is more room to move around. This helps with introducing potty training. It doesn't take long before they figure out the difference between a comfy dog bed and the pee pads. At this point, eyes are open, ears are open and they are up and walking. We start introducing a different toy each day, to help curve the puppies startle response. 

IMG_6117 (2).jpg

We start socializing the puppies with different type of people and children. The more positive experiences we can provide, the better! Finding volunteers is never a problem! 


←Three year old Jack giving Sully gentle snuggles. The puppies are naturally drawn to kids due to their size and high pitched voices! 

Four Weeks Old

At this stage, we transition the puppies from using the bathroom on pee pads to using pellets in a tray. During this time, we also expand their pen. The tray is placed in the middle of the pen, with sleeping areas on either side. This way, when they wake up, they only have to take a few steps into the potty area to pee. With only a few days in, most of their bathroom breaks are in or near the pellets - woohoo! 

5D1FF62B-69F1-4C44-8619-D6AD51506F91 (1)

↑Auntie Suki soaking up all of the puppy love!

←Jeremy and Blake sharing a cuddle with George. At three weeks old, he is the most interested in people...tail is always wagging!

IMG_5968 (2).JPG
IMG_6120 (1).JPG

The puppies were introduced to their kennels, which also including a larger kennel. They immediately took to them. During the last two weeks, we will start closing the doors to the kennels, to ease the transition to crate training. But for now, they will enjoy their snoozing with doors open! 


They fall asleep in the funnies of ways ↓


Five Weeks Old

Wow - major milestones this week. We finally had some nice weather in Maine and experienced a lot of firsts outside. Everyone's personality really started to come out this week. 

Mike is calm and gentle, will come sit next to you and gaze up at you with the softest eyes, just like his Dad, Sawyer. 

Sully is still the biggest, and he's very goofy, loves to bounce around and really gets into his toys. He's very quiet, we have yet to hear him bark, just like his Momma, Auggie. 

George is very confident and has a big personality. He likes to be on top and leading the pack. He loves people and his tail is always wagging when near you. 

Boo is just as I expected. Being the only girl, she definitely makes up for it. She is a little ball of fire - in the best way possible. She's got the most hilarious sass and bounces everywhere she goes. She is confident and sticks up for herself well. She has got the sweetest teddy bear face too!


MIKE - Green Collar


Boo (pink collar) using her brothers as a pillow for a nice snooze. 


Auggie is rarely nursing the puppies at this stage, unless they swarm her. They have teeth and sharp nails - depsite the trimming, so it is very uncomfortable for her. However, she is always keeping a watchful eye and lays outside of their pen often. She's such a good momma

The puppies got their first baths this week. Everyone did great, and laid right down in the tub, no one was overly stressed. We finished it with the hairdryer and some chicken. We always want to make every experience a positive one. We also switched from a nail clipper to the dremel to trim nails. Everyone did great with that as well. 


Everyone is eating kibble and staying to their own bowl. The puppies also got introduced to the activity pole, which is filled with novel objects. We will change these objects out weekly to expose them to different sounds, textures, shapes & things! They love it! 


Happy Easter Sunday from these pups! Just a cute bunny, laying among the flowers. 

This is a big week for the puppies! They had their first vet visits to get some vaccines and they got selected by their new families and got their new names! 


James P. BASIL


I am so glad I snapped this photo. This is why we follow Puppy Culture. Here are 4 perfectly sleeping puppies on their second day outside, as a riding lawn mower moves behind them. ←

Six Weeks Old

IMG_6860 (1).JPG

Finneous with his new Mom & Dad     →

He is such a ham. So lovable and very independent. 

← Everyone patiently waiting at the vet in their kennels, taking a good afternoon snooze.


Aspen and her new Dads! She already has them wrapped around her paw!

Seven Weeks Old


Down to our final week together. So exciting but yet, my heart is sad. I've so much loved this little group of pups. They are super mellow and snuggly. But I cannot wait to hear how they fit into their new homes. They are off to do big and wonderful stuff. We continued to work on crate exposure this week and spending time apart from each other or in different rooms of the house. We frequently expose them to open umbrellas, walking on wooden grates, dropping pots and pans on the ground, etc. This helps develop a quick recovery response to unusual and sometimes frightening things. 


The 8th and Final Week!!!


Charlie with his new VERY EXCITED and ADORABLE sisters! How cute is this trio! 


Little Miss Aspen with her Dads! She will be joining her new kitty brother Niko back home. Word on the street is he is a big fan! 

Wow! We did it. We made it to 8 weeks! The final week we worked on crate training over night, tested out bigger and louder noises, and continued to work on manding (sitting when asking for something, food, attention, etc.) with the clicker. Everyone saw the vet this week for a clean bill of health and had a bath and nails trimmed. We got their puppy bags packed and sent them on their way! 


Our Puppy Bags consists of our logo canvas tote, along with two of our smaller bags. A few bags of food, several toys, a dental cleaning kit, chuckit, handmade leash, puppy collars, clicker, blanket that smells like mom and siblings, pellets for potty training, and a booklet packed full of fun information, stickers and the week-by-week paw prints! 


Handsome and Fluffy Boy Finneous, off with his Mom and Dad. Luckily Mom and Dad are practically family, so we will be seeing him! IF I was allowed favorites, he may or may not be mine. Shh!

IMG_7380.JPG to do big things in this world! His Moms are beyond excited to have him join their family. He has two fur-siblings back at home. He will have the best life! 

First few days updates...









Thank you all for another wonderful experience, may you all be endless loved and thrive in whatever life takes you! 

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