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"Nala, Party of One"


As a first time Mom, Auggie was immediately attentive. She devoted her whole self to this little pup, who was named Nala. For a puppy this special, there was only one family she could go Dad and step-mom! My parents introduced me to my love for Goldens and it was time I repaid the thanks! I was happy to. 

Auggie and Sawyer welcomed a singleton female on 4/2/2019. This not so little pup was breech and stuck! After some assistive attempts with little to no luck we went to Maine Veterinary Medical Center. We had slim hope the little one would come Earth side alive, but thanks to the wonderful team, they were able to help Auggie naturally deliver this big pup!


Singleton puppies require extra precautions. Puppies need littermates to help them with their development. Without siblings to crawl over, snuggle up to for warmth and fight for nursing space, Nala could become too large, have difficulties walking and chest deformities (known as Swimmers) and could have behavioral issues due to lack of socialization. We had to create siblings, by adding stuffed animals and rolled towels under the bedding. This created things for Nala to climb over and snuggle up to. 


There were lots of visits from soon-to-be Mom, Debbie! (and Dad, Rob) →


We had to closely monitor how often Nala nursed, she was a big puppy! To help her chest and rib cage grow and develop correctly, we rotated Nala on her side, to avoid a flat chest (Swimmers). Luckily, all of this extra work paid off - she was up and moving in no time! 


This was my very first litter of my own. Raising a singleton puppy was the perfect challenge to opening my world to  the best future I could imagine! →


Introducing Nala to novel objects was very important. It's important with every litter, but especially a puppy growing up without siblings. We created an activity bar to expose her to different sounds, textures, smells, noises, etc. ↓


Running into week six and time spent outside. Nala LOVED being outside. So many smells and sounds. 


We exposed Nala to as many positive experiences as possible. She climbed over garden tools, dug in the dirt, safetly watched the lawn mower drive past, played in water, chased after mom & dad, rolled around with her human parents, this pup had the life! 


Nala was with this monkey from the day she was born. It took the place of a sibling to snuggle with. It went with her to her new family. →


We were lucky to have close by friends with a golden puppy who was only a couple weeks older then Nala. His name was Marshall. He came over many times to help socialize Nala, it made a world of difference helping her become a well-rounded and socialized dog. 

At 8 weeks of age, Nala went to her new home! Luckily, she stayed in the family and only lives 30 minutes away, so we get to see her all the time! Rob and Deb love her to pieces. Nala spends a couple days a week at Doggie Daycare or with her Lil' Nana - talk about spoiled! Her summer weekends are spent up at the family camp, hiking, swimming and playing corn hole! She is loved beyond words and we couldn't be happier with the dog she turned out to be. 

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